A token for the Kesholabs’ ecosystem.

Africa is the second-fastest-growing region economically and demographically in the world with a population in excess of 1.2 billion and a GDP of over $2.4 trillion. At kesholabs, we are working to build Africas’ largest entrepreneurial and blockchain community.

Why Wavu

We believe wholeheartedly every company from supermarkets, airlines to telecommunication companies will in the coming decades convert their loyalty points and memberships records into tradeable tokens. An example is Safaricom, the owners of Mpesa and Kenya’s biggest telecommunication company has loyalty points(Bonga Points) worth $33million outstanding. With the above in mind, we believe releasing a token will be to our advantage as we lock in early users across africa and build a committed community to our ideals.

Pay for goods/services

The Wavu token will be an independently tradeable currency with the ability to allow users to pay for a host of goods and services in line with our partnerships.

Wavu Repurchasing Plan

Our projections are that Kesholabs will break even in about 6 months given current plans. The benefit of this is that, every quarter from 2021 onwards, we will use 15% of profits to buy back the Wavu token, initiate permanent burn until only 50% are left.

Pay Fees

As Usage growth across our product lines scale, we will give users preferable treatment, should they choose to pay fees using Wavu.

Future Use

The future is inherently unknown, but as with any technology, Blockchain will continue to evolve. Currently there are many layer 2 solutions and tokens for existing Blockchains. There is a high likelihood that we will find a layer 2 use case for Wavu token itself.

Loyalty Token/Rewards

Our target market is very community oriented; this gives us an opportunity to offer tokens, as a form of contribution towards their activities.


Most African countries have some form of savings and investment groups. Often there are conditions to being a part of that group. From Mpesa like agents to community saving groups, our conditions for our group will involve holding the Wavu token.


Here is an outline of our roadmap. Showing our medium term plans.


Token Sale


Team & Advisors


Future Usage


Total Supply

Wavu Token

WAVU token is an integral part of the Kesholabs Startup Studio. It unites our community across different countries and cultures under the banner of building Africa’s digital future.

Soft Cap - $500K

  • Investors Get Shares and Tokens
  • 500,000 Aions for referrals/community

Hard Cap - $3.5M

  • First $1Million get shares as well.
  • 2% Wavu tokens community building.
  • 3% reserved for Marketing/Promotion

An Emerging Africa

Africa has arrived. The world’s second-most populous continent has emerged as a developing region and high-growth market, and the World is starting to take notice. The continent’s current population is 1.2 billion and is projected to increase to nearly 2.5 billion by 2050 according to the United Nations. Defying global trends, the working-age population of Sub-Saharan Africa will grow by 100 million in 2035 according to the International Monetary Fund. This increase comes at a time when most advanced economies are facing aging populations and a declining share of their working-age population.

A booming African Technology Landscape

With 444 million mobile subscribers, the region is currently home to nearly nine percent of all global mobile subscriptions. By 2025, this number is anticipated to reach 634 million people. A growth rate that is more than double the global growth rate over the same period. Of these mobile subscribers, 250 million, now have a smartphone. It's expected that by 2025 there will be 690 million active smartphones in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mobile broadband is currently available to two-thirds of the regional population. GSMA Intelligence projects that by 2025 mobile broadband will account for 87 percent of mobile connections compared to the current figure for these services of 38 percent.

We Have a Great Team

Meet the founding team and advisors.The following team members lead the vision and mission of Kesholabs and the Wavu ecosystem.

Advisory Board

Following is our advisory board list

Wavu & Kesholabs Ecosystem

To find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday

Bithela Exchange

Provide Africans with a cheap and convenient way to trade, buy and sell crypto-currencies.


We connect local consumers with travelers to deliver better-priced goods from international market places.


Provide Africans with a social platform in which they can play esports against others from the comfort of their homes.


Provides Africans with a cheap and social option to remit and pay for goods and services.

Frequently Asked Question

As you register on Wavu, you will be able to see the free amounts, but on successful sale of all existing tokens, we will release them as soon as is feasible.

Our token will be used in all of our products in some shape or form. This will encourage adoption and use as a monetary good. There is also a chance to build layer 2 solutions that makes sense as the blockchain market matures.

We believe the initial people that join form the backbone and foundation of an ecosystem and we want to reward them for showing early interest and supporting us.

We believe the earliest supporters should also have future ongoing benefit for being the first investors in Wavu/KeshoLabs. Similar to a Series A round in this case.

A startup studio is a company structured in such a way that it will repeatedly build and launch companies. With Wavu token, we are encouraging our community to rally around us and help make our products successful.

Kesholabs is part of the AION community, building out products that leverages the blockchain as well as businesses that may scale and become successful in Africa.

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